Cumartesi, Ağustos 02, 2008

Street Art At Tate

"Now, we are outside of the museum. One day we will be inside" Blek

A big cheer for Tate please not only just because of making us happy but also coming up with those wonderful street art works on its external walls. Have a bottle of Peroni or Efes depends on your flavor and settle down on the Millenium Bridge to see how changes iconic Tate façade by “vandalism”.

There are also various events such as Street Art Walking Tour, Street Art Talks which are all free (but you need to be there a bit early because only first comers be able to get in to Starr Auditorium), Street Art Films and Graffiti Research Lab.

As Blek Le Rat’s told us “Street Art is a present that we give to people for free” all the events are free. Let’s own it.